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Steele Campbell Building

Built with pride and integrity

At Steele Campbell Building in Geraldton we appreciate that building your new home is a large investment, so we strive for a high level of communication with our clients.
The team at Steele Campbell Building will endeavour to build with pride and integrity. Steele Campbell (Builder) , Aaron Campbell (General Manager) & Manny McAullay (Site Supervisor) have all been in the building industry for over 20 years. Which gives us an edge of extensive knowledge and experience, thus giving the client the peace of mind that their home is in capable hands, allowing them to enjoy the building process.
Our tradesmen also pride themselves on a high quality of workmanship.


WA Country Builders

WA Country Builders is the most awarded builder in regional WA.

From as far north as Kalbarri in the Mid West, to Esperance in the Great Southern and out past Northam in the Avon region, WA Country Builders build over a large part of Western Australia.

Our extensive range of homes with unique designs bring plenty of choice to people, and our award winning customer service, local staff and trades, ensure you have a better building experience.  At WA Country Builders, we believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to building a home!

We want to provide you with everything you need to know when it comes to building. We want to answer your questions about what to expect during the different stages of building, and even introduce you to a few of our clients to share their experiences with you.  We strive to offer you a Better Building Experience.


Plunkett Homes Geraldton

Plunkett Homes was established in 1903 and is one of the oldest building companies in Australia, not just Western Australia.  So why build with us? What makes Plunkett so different?

The team at Plunkett doesn't just stand by its homes; it also stands by the ethics of its founder. Good, old fashioned ethics of standing by our word … standing by our staff and tradesmen when things get tough. Standing by the community in times of need and making sure that we go about things in an honest and understanding way. That's what you get when you deal with Plunkett.

We like to think that this accounts for something. We don't aim to be cheaper than everyone else. We aim to give you genuine value for money while building homes that stand the test of time.

So that’s us. Our Vision is "WE ASPIRE TO LEAD BY BEING THE BEST IN EVERY ASPECT OF THE HOME BUILDING INDUSTRY". It's a simple vision for a vibrant family run business. 


Redink Homes Midwest

Why the name? Traditionally, clients are asked to make changes to their house plans in red ink. However, these days most home builders don't want you to make changes. It's easier for a home builder if you build off their basic plans, so they'll either refuse outright or charge you the earth for alterations. Scott Park has chosen 'red ink' as the symbol for what his building company is all about. He invites your input and welcomes your changes - because, after all, it's your home, and it's your choice.

Scott Park's Redink Homes has one objective: to offer a level of customer service so far in advance of any other home builder in Perth that satisfied customers become his sales team. There is no better form of advertising for a home builder than word of mouth.

Redink Homes heralds a new era in flexibility. Scott Park has developed a range of initial home designs as a starting point for discussion. It's then up to you to decide the number of bedrooms, room sizes, ceiling heights, the level of finish, lighting options - everything is flexible. It's your home, and it’s your choice.


Triton Building Company

We are a Geraldton based building company that is committed to providing you the best value, quality and functional home possible.

At Triton Building we offer both home only and turnkey services with house and land packages tailored to meet your budget. Our design team have off the shelf plans that offer great value. You may choose to customise our plans or have a dream design that just needs to be put on paper. Our team will turn your ideas into a reality, advising on orientation, design, suitability for your chosen site and budget.

At Triton Building we advise and encourage environmentally green building techniques and systems. Passive designs that incorporate shading, ventilation, orientation and material choice to control the homes temperature at no or low running cost. We also advise and encourage our customers to use products that reduce their resource use and carbon footprint.

Our team have developed our project programming software to track and ensure that each project maintains optimum momentum. This means you move into your new home as planned, without unnecessary delays.

At Triton Building we believe true value is not just dollars over square metres. We look at each design and address the homes functionality, the durability of materials, fixtures and fittings. We want you to be happy in your home now, and for years to come.